Sunday, October 3, 2010

CCI Puppy Visit

Puppies yes puppies!
I have been talking to people that are involved with CCI on Facebook and connected with a lady that made a suggestion that I find a way to help CCI to help with my wait time to be invited to team training. (Which will probably be August 2011).

I got in contact with a lady who told me to contact some breeder / caretakers who were locally near me to help socialize a litter of CCI puppies.  So on October 1st that is just what my mom and I got to do. Here are some pictures.  They are so darn cute, good luck to them on their adventures hopefully they will all be service dogs and help people someday.

The only black in the litter, Charlie is so cute.
Myself and Chrissy the only female, I fell in LOVE

Mama, CCI Jill the 4th  

More fun shots