Saturday, February 26, 2011

CCI Graduation

Sorry for the delay our new life has been busy, but as promised here are some pictures of Irving's and I's graduation on 2/11/11.

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Before Graduation, I met Irving's wonderful puppy raisers thank you both for a job well done!

A bitter sweet moment Irving's puppy raisers handing him our to me.

 Still on stage with my boy, waiting for other classmates to get their dogs!

  We did it!  Irving and I are a CCI graduate service dog team

Monday, February 14, 2011

We Did It!

Oh my God where do I start CCI is amazing!

Okay well here is my guy, Irving III

What an amazing two weeks I had at team training.  The friends I made, the experiences I had and the instructors were all wonderful how will I ever thank CCI for the life changing gift they have given me. The first two days of class I rotated four dogs. They were all wonderful!

Feb 2nd was pre match day, this is where we get matched with a dog and if everything goes well we will go home with it.  I admit that when I was placed with Irving I was a bit shocked I thought I would have been placed with another dog, but I was truly over joyed and the trainers sure know how to make the right match.
The moment we met, for good I found out Saturday that Irving was my final match pure joy and love.

From per match day forward Irving and I worked together and bonded.  We did lots of command practice of over 40 comes. Some of with are:
Give & Get
Tug - we worked hard but we got it.

Went on many field trips - to practice in public (first time in the truck)

More team training experiences and graduation pictures coming in the next post