Saturday, February 26, 2011

CCI Graduation

Sorry for the delay our new life has been busy, but as promised here are some pictures of Irving's and I's graduation on 2/11/11.

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Before Graduation, I met Irving's wonderful puppy raisers thank you both for a job well done!

A bitter sweet moment Irving's puppy raisers handing him our to me.

 Still on stage with my boy, waiting for other classmates to get their dogs!

  We did it!  Irving and I are a CCI graduate service dog team

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  1. Hi! I am a puppy raiser for CCI, and I just found your blog. I read through it, and I wanted to tell you that seeing your whole journey of waiting and then getting Irving motivates me so much and makes me want to turn in my puppy right now so that he can be placed! But he's only 4 months, so he's got a ways to go... :-) Thank you for sharing your journey!