Monday, February 14, 2011

We Did It!

Oh my God where do I start CCI is amazing!

Okay well here is my guy, Irving III

What an amazing two weeks I had at team training.  The friends I made, the experiences I had and the instructors were all wonderful how will I ever thank CCI for the life changing gift they have given me. The first two days of class I rotated four dogs. They were all wonderful!

Feb 2nd was pre match day, this is where we get matched with a dog and if everything goes well we will go home with it.  I admit that when I was placed with Irving I was a bit shocked I thought I would have been placed with another dog, but I was truly over joyed and the trainers sure know how to make the right match.
The moment we met, for good I found out Saturday that Irving was my final match pure joy and love.

From per match day forward Irving and I worked together and bonded.  We did lots of command practice of over 40 comes. Some of with are:
Give & Get
Tug - we worked hard but we got it.

Went on many field trips - to practice in public (first time in the truck)

More team training experiences and graduation pictures coming in the next post


  1. Congratulations Christina and Irving! So very exciting for you!

  2. Congrats! Irving looks like an awesome dog!